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At CleanRobotics, We Are Working to Make Recycling Smarter

The Challenge

Recycling can be difficult. Rules differ from place to place, and regulations change, leaving the recycler—you—confused. Recycling remains the one process that corporations cannot effectively measure. The burden of recycling is placed on individuals, reducing the effectiveness of recycling programs and resulting in recyclable material ending up in landfills.

Our Solution

What if there was a smart trash can that took care of recycling for you? What if you no longer had to know how to manually separate your recyclables? Trashbot™, our flagship product, intelligently separates recyclables, and can help monitor your waste management processes by dynamically analyzing the data about what you recycle.

The CleanRobotics Trashbot
intelligently automates recycling

Right now, we are diligently prototyping the Trashbot™, our flagship product.

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The CleanRobotics Team



Vaish brings 10+ years of software and product development in a variety of industries ranging from telecommunications to health care. She holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from University of California, Riverside.



Charles is an experienced social entrepreneur and has worked in the fields of human rights and environmental protection. He has 10 years of experience and thrives in a mission driven start-up organization.



Koushil is the technical co-founder of the TrashBot and is a professor of Mechanical Engineering at CMU. Koushil built a bipedal robot that was featured in Discovery channel, CNN, ESPN, Fox and CBS.


Senior Marketing Strategist

Zeynep is a senior marketing and business strategist with experience working for the largest companies in the world, including McKinsey, IBM and Microsoft.

We are looking to grow our team!

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