Introducing Trashbot
The first ever smart trash can that uses AI to sort recyclables from landfill waste.

At CleanRobotics, We Are Working to Make Recycling Smarter

The Challenge

Recycling rules are complex and vary based on location, which results in confusion when selecting the correct bin for waste disposal. In facilities such as airports and convention centers, this leads to large-scale contamination of recyclable material and low recycling rates. Thus, fines are incurred at facilities that do not invest in on-site waste sorting infrastructure.

Our Solution

Our flagship product, the TrashBot, uses advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to sort recyclables from waste at the point of disposal. This process drastically increases the recycling yield and improves its quality through reduced contamination. Other advanced features of the TrashBot help to reduce custodial costs and provide instant waste data via an online dashboard, thus allowing facilities to make data-driven waste management decisions. An optional monitor can be integrated for advertisement and corporate communication.

The CleanRobotics Team


CEO & Co-Founder

Charles is an experienced social entrepreneur and has worked in the fields of human rights and environmental protection. He has 10 years of experience and thrives in mission-driven start-up environments.


VP of Engineering & Co-Founder

Tanner brings a wealth of engineering and research experience from multiple years working for and founding advanced technology startups such as Higea Technologies and Innoven Energy.


VP of Product Commercialization

Aakash brings strong experience in Product Strategy, Product Marketing, Go-to-Market, and Growth. He has an MS in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management from CMU.


Director of Hardware Engineering

Grant is a graduate student at CMU in Engineering and Technology Innovation Management, with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He brings technical expertise in design for manufacturing, product development, and hardware engineering.



Ian Magazine has been a founder, investor and finance and operating executive for a host of enterprises in the wireless communications industry and a highly successful serial entrepreneur who has worked with breakthrough innovations in a range of technologies from wireless power transmission, to biotechnology and 360° Videography.

We are looking to grow our team!

Check our Careers Page for current opportunities.

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